80KW Laboratory DC Power Supply 0-2000V 0-40A High accuracy SMPS

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This series is a high-power density programmable DC power supply with fast response, good control accuracy and digital display & wide output voltage range, the max output voltage can reach to 50kV and 1000KW

It is suitable for high-power DC motors, DC compressors, Capacitor charging, electric vehicles, aerospace, renewable energy, and servers, product testing and burn-in aging in other fields.

There is a complete communication interface, RS232, RS485 can be selected, which is convenient for remote monitoring and programming.

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• Adopt large color screen design, high-definition display

• Low ripple, low noise

• Fast Transient Response <4-12ms

• Compact and High Power Density

• Constant voltage and constant current working state switch automatically

• Support remote sampling, more accurate output

• Automatic protection of OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/SCP

• Intelligent fan control, reduce noise and save energy

• Front panel lock function to prevent misoperation

• Support RS232/RS485 and Ethernet control interface

• Operating system UI flat icon design, more comfortable human-computer interaction

• LAN dual network ports, combined commissioning one network to the end.


Model HSJ-80000-2000
Input Voltage AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz±3Hz (Standard)  3 Phase
Output Current (Amp) 0-40(max)
Output Voltage (Vdc) 0-2000V
Output Power 80000W / 80KW (max)
Precision 0.1%
Ripple 0.5% Vrms + 10mV
Power supply stability 0.1%+10mV
Display mode 4.3TFT-LCD
Voltage Display Accuracy ≤±(0.5% + 10mV)
Current Display Accuracy ≤±(0.5% + 10mA)
Voltage setpoint accuracy ≤±(0.1% + 10mV)
Current setpoint accuracy ≤±(0.5% + 10mA)
Output Voltage Overshoot Build in O.V.P Protection with a rate of + 5%
Operation Temperature| Humidity Operation Temperature : (0~45)ºC; Operation Humidity : 10% ~ 85% RH
Storage Temperature | Humidity Storage Temperature : (-20~70)ºC; Storage Humidity :10% ~ 90% RH
Over-Temperature Protection (75~85) ºC
Heat Dissipation Mode/ Cooling mode Adopt PMW speed regulating fan, fan cooling
Efficiency ≥88%
Start-up Output voltage setting time ≤3S
Protection Input phase loss protection, Over voltage, over voltage, over current, short circuit, over heat protectionNoted : if need addition Reverse Connection & Polarity reversal protection should be contact our factory for customization
Insulation Strength Input output: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 minutes;Input - machine shell: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 minutes;Output - shell: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 minutes
Insulation Resistance Input-Output ≥20MΩ;Input-Output ≥20MΩ;Input-Output ≥20MΩ.
control interface RS232, RS485,LAN, 0-5V/0-10V
MTTF ≥50000h
Dimension /Net Weight 560*630*761mm /185kg (for reference)
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Product introduction:



● Short-circuit protection: long-term short-circuit or short-circuit startup is allowed under different working conditions;

● Constant voltage and constant current: The voltage and current values are continuously adjustable from zero to the rated value, and the constant voltage and constant current are automatically converted;

● Intelligent: Optional analog control and PLC connection to form a remotely controlled intelligent stabilized current power supply;

● Strong adaptability: suitable for various loads, the performance is equally excellent under resistive load, capacitive load and inductive load;

● Overvoltage protection: The voltage protection value is continuously adjustable from 0 to 120% of the rated value, and the output voltage exceeds the voltage protection value for trip protection;

● Each power supply has enough power surplus space to ensure that the power supply can ensure good performance and longevity when it works at full power for a long time.

Production Process

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