5000W DC 300-750V to 50-95Vdc Waterproof DC DC converter 5KW

Short Description:

This 5000W DC converter is designed using fully digital control technology, with flexible and intelligent control and good protection characteristics. It comes with a microprocessor to communicate with the monitoring unit, and the internal parameters can be set or adjusted by the superior monitoring unit through the CAN interface. It is a high-power and high-efficiency DC-DC converter developed specifically for new energy vehicle models such as lithium-ion electric vehicles, logistics vehicles, specialized vehicles, and construction machinery.

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Small size, lightweight

High DC Input Voltage Coverage from 80 to 200VDC

High Power Density and High Maintainability

Ultra-high Efficiencies up to 96%

Advanced EMI Design

Suitable for Applications with High Inrush Current

Designed with Next-Generation Semiconductor Devices

CAN Communication (Optional)

All-Around Protections: OVP, OCP, SCP, OTP

-40 to 85 oC with Natural or Water-Cooling Option

Wider applications.


Brand Huyssen
Model DD-500050
Input voltage range 300-750VDC
Output voltage range 50-95V
Output power 5KW
Output current range 0~64A
Maximum efficiency ≥95%
Working ambient temperature -40℃-+85℃
IP level IP67
Protection function Input over-voltage, under-voltage, anti-reverse connection protection, output over voltage, over current, short circuit protection, backflow prevention protection, over-temperature protection
Cooling method Air cooling
Weight About 13.5KG
Size(L*W*H) 352*273*112mm


Widely used in :

Electric buses, electric sanitation vehicles, electric sweepers, urban trams, trams, subways and light rails, pure electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicles, providing power for car lights, wipers and horns, as well as on-board DC air conditioning, etc.


Production Process

converter 7
Switch power supply3
1200W 2
converter 6
Switch power supply6

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